Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Epic Notion of a Moment Unmeasured

The empty stare took over my mind
Time, a breeze irreverent
The radio played cheesy love songs only meant for rainy days
Space controlled my eyes
I watched everything, and looked at nothing
I know in tandem with what I watch
Those thoughts were exchanged and melted
Oh how I looked
Notes became the only tick
Like the moments passing on a clock

A stare unregarded and exchanged
Blatant and obvious
So deep and obvious, knowing became thinking
Thus unfathomable and transparent
Plates clicked and dishes washed
Shoes shuffled across wood floor

Actions observed and unannounced
Moments pass unmeasured
There is no conductor between
Eyes, ears, my sense of space and continuity
The epic notion of a moment unmeasured

The line, broken, debunked, dismantled and reformed
Scent marked as a measure, long and prominent
Smell invasive to thought with an empty stomach
The afternoon broke the hold of the stare
Like a china plate

It's and olfactory invasion
It drags me back
My mind lethargic
Slow to warm
A pool in the first days of summer

A moment unmeasured begins to get heavy
Snapping back, a space becomes crowded
Language and interjection
Like bees or hen the noise
Thought halting becomes evasive

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