Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Mid-Springs Night Revel

And bah bah bah bup bupt and dunk dunk
And my feet, eat, stones shells and sand
Tree lu lu ,pa put paput
Fife  fi  fi
And heart beats dunk dunk

And Flames are licking the sky and eating the stars out
Catching melodies and rhythms 
In the snapping and popping of logs
Moon light  soft as cream, 
Ice cream vanilla original

The owl hoots 
Creatures of europhorosine and dionysis revel
And I dance and flit rock to rock
The ocean lapping out of time

Drum beats stand stark 
Against wild yelps and kyries kalah
Kyah Kyah
Thum thum, thum thum, thum thum

The silence remains in rips and shreds
Hanging tattered around the edges
Translucent, letting only the darkness pass through

A fey, a sprite, a dream apparition lingering
Through fire, smoke, and dancing feet 
She takes a strand of a tune 
Weaving it with warm salt air and laughter.

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