Thursday, January 29, 2009

fly swim dig

How do you speak without actions
Actions without speech
How to get so trapped within the mind
I prefer it here
Not because it's safe and warm
But because I can change
I guess it shows.

The me you know
The one I know are
Two different
One in the same
They lead separate
Then they switch places and want the same.

Inside here there are no boundaries
I change constantly and thats okay
It's great even
Makes it more interesting
I hover orbit but I'm not trying to hold on
I'm fine where I am

Sometimes, outside the edges are held on to
They tear, rebuild
I am forced to take shape
Conform to a shape that I momentarily choose
That is impossible
A shell made for the wrong shape
The next moment passed
The shell breaks
I hatch
The world cold, I want back in
But I am out and now I must fly
Though I want to swim
I am now out and must live and fly not swim
Perhaps tomorrow I'll want to fly, or dig

Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Epic Notion of a Moment Unmeasured

The empty stare took over my mind
Time, a breeze irreverent
The radio played cheesy love songs only meant for rainy days
Space controlled my eyes
I watched everything, and looked at nothing
I know in tandem with what I watch
Those thoughts were exchanged and melted
Oh how I looked
Notes became the only tick
Like the moments passing on a clock

A stare unregarded and exchanged
Blatant and obvious
So deep and obvious, knowing became thinking
Thus unfathomable and transparent
Plates clicked and dishes washed
Shoes shuffled across wood floor

Actions observed and unannounced
Moments pass unmeasured
There is no conductor between
Eyes, ears, my sense of space and continuity
The epic notion of a moment unmeasured

The line, broken, debunked, dismantled and reformed
Scent marked as a measure, long and prominent
Smell invasive to thought with an empty stomach
The afternoon broke the hold of the stare
Like a china plate

It's and olfactory invasion
It drags me back
My mind lethargic
Slow to warm
A pool in the first days of summer

A moment unmeasured begins to get heavy
Snapping back, a space becomes crowded
Language and interjection
Like bees or hen the noise
Thought halting becomes evasive

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Soul Speak [end clip]

Dirty feet the ground the meet
In solid form they know the beat
In my mind
They keep the time
My soul is in my feet

Don't forget the rhythm comes from the heart


Vainty in a Small Pond in the Universe

The sun swings in to view
I pause and the gloom ceases to exsist
This is a fermata meant to be held

My eyes glow and try to absorb it
Gold dances across your face
Shadows fall like brush strokes across your cheek
Each eye with a halo of lashes

Our faces warmed
The sea provides vanity
The suns reflection
In a mere pond in the universe

The last rays shine like amber
You and I sit by the sea
Trapped and transfixed
We breath in the last warmth

Bid adieu
As the sky washes in to the original impressionist water color

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Carbonated Fuck and Painted Hand

The young moltey painted young man screamed
Screamed Fuck, not in anger by in revel
Shock factor the obscenity in the mouth tingling
Carbonated the Fuck escapes......

Pop! Fuck!

Like a child who found the secret word
Fuck, the word that raises eyebrows
Pop! Fuck!
A monkey hanging falling, flipping over, flipping out, and flipping off

"Begone I command you"
She keeps walking by
Even hurrying
"See magic works"

Pop! Fuck!
You capitalist mother fuckers
Petty mother fucker
Mild frothing occurs

Little sexy boys
Relish it with a side of ketchup
Please sooth and calm me

Pat, Pat
Sooth you
Pat pat on your head

Sunday, January 18, 2009

I'd share half of nothing with you

I tell you we have to clean everything first
If things get dirty it just won't work
The back drop, purple skies
Charcoal tree scribbles fade into apricot fuzz
The sun sleeps beneath steeple tops

....I know, too loud, too loud
We're back to where we started
The first time things were heavy
It's later and things are lighter this time
trust me I had this in mind the whole time

If the drink is too strong, sweetened it
Coco, give half and half more and half more
....take half of nothing
As the window fogs up my fingers wander
Lips, eyes, one fluid motion
It's finished
Tousled hair

I look out
Not at you
I reach out, my fingers touching
We should do this more often
We should leave

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Personal Omission

An omission; a ball, a bag, folds of cloth
Arms holding, around holds and from the side
Present, accounted, I'm here

Music, louder then words but not thought
Notes, places to hide between
Hide and seek
...Hide and seek
......Hide and seek
Hide and seek

Grey between petals
The fuchsia, yellow, and white camouflage
Between raindrops and street lamps
The street shines the colors over black
Yellow, red, green, florescent blue, and ultra violet

Shirt is to big, a bag, folds of cloth
Folds of cloth
Folds of cloth

Arms done and undone, alone
The arms the arms
Roll call for the mind

A personal omission

Friday, January 9, 2009


Sparrow flying in the tree.

When you sing your notes are free.

Branches form circus, aerial acrobats

A fan fan of chips and high note acts

Freer then the wind master of gravity

You defiy the laws of relativity

Monday, January 5, 2009

In the motion of what I am

In the motion of what I am
Unhindered a force broken, rebuilt, undone and unleashed
Unstoppable and all encompassing
A wild knowledge fire consuming the ripened shafts of words
Ashy emotions, feelings and thought left in the wake
I am a force

Like wind; lifting, sweeping, scoring
Lash down all that you own
All will change
The ocean would have you change, erode
Turn to sand and re mold
I am a mocking bird to the waves
The seahorse crests

The waves caress the earth
Sometimes it cracks, splits
What was below forces geysers and spews mountains

Extremities in fury passion and creation
Warming, solid, calming at peace
A zen meditation of my soul

All is one and thus I am