Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Old ghost (a group effort)

A harmless silhouette
Passes at the back door,
Explaining in whispers
How they've been here before.

Return of the ancients,
Bells of resting chime
Frozen forever in moments of time.
Rippling effect of ascended dive.

Calling them back on a memories whim,
A vacant mind welcomes them in.
Hush now my darling everyone dies,
Free lonsome spirit from where your body lies.

truth of love

Love you bid me to purge my soul of all transgressions.
Look blindly to the future and knowingly fall.
Again and again I rebuke jadism and bitterness,
In favor of raw truth
Love and hate one in the same.
Rip the heart open or crush it
Pain is inevitable as life and death it self.