Monday, January 5, 2009

In the motion of what I am

In the motion of what I am
Unhindered a force broken, rebuilt, undone and unleashed
Unstoppable and all encompassing
A wild knowledge fire consuming the ripened shafts of words
Ashy emotions, feelings and thought left in the wake
I am a force

Like wind; lifting, sweeping, scoring
Lash down all that you own
All will change
The ocean would have you change, erode
Turn to sand and re mold
I am a mocking bird to the waves
The seahorse crests

The waves caress the earth
Sometimes it cracks, splits
What was below forces geysers and spews mountains

Extremities in fury passion and creation
Warming, solid, calming at peace
A zen meditation of my soul

All is one and thus I am

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