Thursday, January 29, 2009

fly swim dig

How do you speak without actions
Actions without speech
How to get so trapped within the mind
I prefer it here
Not because it's safe and warm
But because I can change
I guess it shows.

The me you know
The one I know are
Two different
One in the same
They lead separate
Then they switch places and want the same.

Inside here there are no boundaries
I change constantly and thats okay
It's great even
Makes it more interesting
I hover orbit but I'm not trying to hold on
I'm fine where I am

Sometimes, outside the edges are held on to
They tear, rebuild
I am forced to take shape
Conform to a shape that I momentarily choose
That is impossible
A shell made for the wrong shape
The next moment passed
The shell breaks
I hatch
The world cold, I want back in
But I am out and now I must fly
Though I want to swim
I am now out and must live and fly not swim
Perhaps tomorrow I'll want to fly, or dig

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