Tuesday, May 22, 2012

On the road again

The train blows and my heart goes right out that door.....
It chugs just alittle to fast to catch, my heart that is.
The sun is creeping at the lip of dawn
I know it's time to move on
West, windward

Slip out to the left of the last star to the right, and straight on till morning
This cinderella home turning into a pumpkin pack at the stroke of 6

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wild Life

Singing with the crickets
Hanging off the moon
Grasping at star shine
Sleeping in the noon

Sun is shining darlin
Creeping shadows pass
Tides are rising honey
And nothings meant to last

Last until forever
Through the dreaming of the night
Though upon the day break
Nightmares take their flight

Coyotes a baying, lo hills
Deer upon the lam
How the circles spinning
Carves this secret land

South flys the gooses cackling
Frost upon the wind
Secrets of the future
How it all will end

Walk along my footsteps
Take the path less trod
Know your self is stronger
Then some past written God

Moon your face is changed
Crone has come and gone
Soon the elk departing
Leave hoof prints in the dawn

Monday, May 14, 2012

After The War

The bells toll from crumbling towers
Almost too ruined to ring
Rats roll in packs
Pigeons pack in cloisters
Hallowed halls with alabaster virgins.

They look on impassively
The sins of  sinners, strangers
As the past mantras and hail Mary's
Fade from tattered tapestries.

The Candace of countless centuries
Pass through high steeples
Embodied monoliths in the wind.