Monday, June 27, 2011

Not giving up, just giving in.

Something inside wanted to engage me,
Wanted to Enrage me
Throw peace aside.
Dancing ferries, being merry
Feels like ants crawling out from inside.

So why leave the light, to seek out the fight
To break past wounds healed
Because under the light, things didn't heal right
Something got left inside

Every healer knows
Whats left festers and grows
And as that monster grows
It rattles it's cage
So I gave up the light and stepped into that night
Not bothering to say goodbye

So give up your happiness and give in to rage.
Tiny frame of bones your just a broken cage.
The monster was let loose it howls to the moon
I don't expect peace too soon

Saturday, March 5, 2011

The dirty boy in my bed.

You seemed like a scared little boy
Running from the monsters under your bed
I fooled myself saying you're to young for my bed

But I was really missing with my own head
I said to myself I'm just lonely
And you have no where to go.

So I gave you two pills to fight the monster
And a warm place to go
I brought you to my borrowed bed

Only innocent intentions
So lay down your head and rest your weary eyes
While I tell my self some well worn tired lies

How I was mistaken I truly felt something for you
So I buried it among the lost and forsaken
With the others that never grew
How could I be so foolish to think the monsters were only chasing you

Saturday, January 1, 2011

isn't that how it goes... we leave strange small towns, with strange bugs in our bellies, saying there is not enough weird around here to eat. So we leave to find more kooky... and then we turn into strange creatures far from home... that lived inside us the whole time .