Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Your lips on my neck
As a purr slips down my throat
Over my breasts
Around the curve of my belly
And straight between my legs

Your sweet breath tickles my ear
And my skin rises in thousand of points
Craving to meet your body
Goose flesh

In your eyes I see I
Hoping that you
See you in I

My heart drums in my chest
Shaking my ribs that ring like a xylophone
My clavicle becoming a triangle
Setting my hands in motion
Eager to my bodies symphony

My body is rocking
A boat a float on mares tails
Your hands brush my thighs
And this little boat is starting to
Pitch, moan and groan

Friday, May 7, 2010

Shambles for the gambles I take for freedom.

Alone tranquility continues until unwanted loneliness sets in
The laughter from the kitchen fills me with bitterness
Why is there no seat for me, how does my laughter not fit in.
Is it braying or to silent?
Moving on everyday with the notion that each day is somthing new
Is buried I understand the words impose and burden
Though I am only wishing for intergration
Sleeping in the pines to ease a lonely mind
Seems more and more welcoming
Only temporary, life in shambles for the gambles
I take for freedom.

Friday, April 2, 2010

The mythical significance of the past eludes me.
A fortune cookie tells me to see what I have in my hand.
The sun is shining, but I shun it's warmth as I think of yesterdays rain.
Why spend today crying about yesterdays rain when the sun is shining today?

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Old ghost (a group effort)

A harmless silhouette
Passes at the back door,
Explaining in whispers
How they've been here before.

Return of the ancients,
Bells of resting chime
Frozen forever in moments of time.
Rippling effect of ascended dive.

Calling them back on a memories whim,
A vacant mind welcomes them in.
Hush now my darling everyone dies,
Free lonsome spirit from where your body lies.

truth of love

Love you bid me to purge my soul of all transgressions.
Look blindly to the future and knowingly fall.
Again and again I rebuke jadism and bitterness,
In favor of raw truth
Love and hate one in the same.
Rip the heart open or crush it
Pain is inevitable as life and death it self.