Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Carbonated Fuck and Painted Hand

The young moltey painted young man screamed
Screamed Fuck, not in anger by in revel
Shock factor the obscenity in the mouth tingling
Carbonated the Fuck escapes......

Pop! Fuck!

Like a child who found the secret word
Fuck, the word that raises eyebrows
Pop! Fuck!
A monkey hanging falling, flipping over, flipping out, and flipping off

"Begone I command you"
She keeps walking by
Even hurrying
"See magic works"

Pop! Fuck!
You capitalist mother fuckers
Petty mother fucker
Mild frothing occurs

Little sexy boys
Relish it with a side of ketchup
Please sooth and calm me

Pat, Pat
Sooth you
Pat pat on your head


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  2. I prefer weird faces to rob smiles, or drawing dancing trees in misty windows as gifts for the young lovers of life...