Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The System the Hen and the Grower

How doth the little birdy crow
"Free me, it is to small"
How doth the petty criminal plea
"My crime is none at all!"

And twice they met in dream-like set
To parle through the fence
And thus it seemed the grower mean
Though the hen she t'was not tense

And so he said...

"I'm sorry chicky, your one too many
To the abattoir one and all!
The real run, is in having fun
Growing green through out the fall"

To this she did reply...

"Please kind sir don't sentence me
The farm land's long and tall
There is much land for our marry band
Remember we're all fish in the sea"

The next night came with much remorse
To the young man in his cell
"I can't carry on to the next dawn
This place to small is my hell"

Those little eyes
They looked back
So beedy and black
So beedy and black

Weary and Teary
With no smugness they thought and replied.....

"My brother my son
You didn't realize we're one
Neither do they,
I can tell"

And she paused, then spoke....

"For our cage is to small
And none was our crime
And they pitted you against me
But my brother my son you now know we are one
It's up to you to up hold us all"

With new hope she awoke and spoke this with conviction

"It's to late for me, to enter my plea
I have a date with Mr Kentucky
But my brother, my son, you and I we are one
Go fight the good fight
You are lucky

The light fell on the man in the cell as morning came.

The man in the cage
Woke up filled with rage
"How dare they commit such a crime!"

Then he curled on his side
And he cried, and he cried
As he realized he had 7 to 20

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  1. Can I have a large Coke and some french fries to go? I don't think I'll eat chicken any more. Only if he use to run in the fields while he was growing up.