Monday, December 14, 2009

Ally cat

I didn't get this far without being who I am.
I walk a high fence line, even if I fall now and then.

Because baby I'm an ally cat,
I'm no ones but my own,
The dumpster my gourmet
And the trash can my throne.

You can't win me or buy me
I wouldn't gamble with that
Or seduce me with home comfort
I wouldn't go for that.
Because when the night falls, and you ask me to leave,
I'm already on my way and half down the street.

When your and ally cat
Your no ones but your own
Starry sky your roof
And the open road your home.

You call me in from the rain,
Promise me good things to take away the pain
But I've heard this all before and your promises are all the same.
Because when it comes to you
I'd rather go alone
I'm an ally cat and no ones but my own.

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