Tuesday, November 10, 2009

In my bliss

Words fall on alabaster shell.
Impenetrable, unacknowledged
Try to repeat these words, they fall short.

Intrinsic etching fails.
Ingrained conditions defeated,
Not in my dream

You and I, we float elliptical, but not one
Fingers touch, the circuit not connected
Not completed

My bliss exists among 1000 hells.
My bliss exists among 1000 heavens.
I am one in my bliss

I will be impeccable in my word.
I will speak only my own truth,
And for certain it is no other

I will not eat the poison
Served on a silver platter
Nor serve it to you or I.

Bliss in one.
Doubled, shared
Inspiration and impression.

Commutable, mutable, osmosis.
You chose as I do.
In bliss
We resist
Nothing but our best.

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