Saturday, July 11, 2009

The non- atomic free range human

I am a human
I don't come with a warranty,
Instructions, or Frequently Asked Questions.
I don't run on coffee
It's bad fuel.

I can't run 24 hours per day.
I need sleep.
You can't just oil me up and expect me to run!

I have boundaries, limits
I can change without reason
After all I'm not pre-programed
I am the only user, and the original copy
Version 1.0.
Not mass produced.

I'm not broken when you don't prefer my actions;
Don't try to fix me, there is nothing to fix
I am only changing, adapting.

There is no manual, none that I know of...
So you better count on us being incompatible sometimes.
Count on glitches and problems,
You are not slot A on Monday,
And I B .

We, I, Us, You are hyper dimensional, transitional and contradictory beings.

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