Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sudden Meetings

When we meet people in life we can often find ourselves asking for their name a 2nd a 3rd a 4th time. I wonder what our brains are trying to tell us, is it possible that we are not really interested in broadening our circle of friends? Is it left up to those who have few other friends to remember names, and make the effort make new ones. I often find that I really click with people....or not, when I say not I don't mean dislike, just no further compulsion to make effort. It's not personal not all people are meant to be around each other at that point. The mystery to me is when out of the 15-50 people you meet in a week, why is that some meetings are uncomfortable. Isn't this the type of connection most people seek out. No matter whether it is a good or bad time or if you were looking for it or not, that seems to be the trickiness of life.
Those people who show up and you feel instant strong compelling desire to know them, most of these people end up as our good friends lovers and partners. This should be rejoiced, so what I wonder is why should one feel so uncomfortable about meeting these people. Could it be fear of losing these people so soon after finding them, is it not a good time( which there is no such thing) or is it that we are afraid of being hurt. Is it inherit fact that one should feel uncomfortable and feel that at any moment it maybe a ruse. I think it is because so many people in this world try to force the connection that they end up with only false connection. So when truth smacks them in the back of the head, the strong desire to know someone can be frightening because you already expect a shallow connection and that if it was a real one you open yourself up to being deceived.
Solstice is a time of new beginnings and a good time to clear out old thoughts. So the fear in opening up to those who you just met let it be banished because you already know whether or not they will be good for your soul, and without that rain and the chance that you might get hurt you would never have such good people around you, those people if you let them will be your core you just have to let them.

I think some of these uncomfortable meeting maybe soul mates...and I don't mean in the sappy love way but people you may have know before in another life but you mind forgets and your soul doesn't.
This is a pretty good article on meeting these people

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  1. I am sure that this is not the first time that our souls find each other, and by our I mean you , Dave and me. I felt that as soon as my nose walk in your apartment. And no, I'm not talking about the curry (That I have no doubts it was delicious), it was a smell I still can't locate, but it was familiar. Then was the tickling in my head and we already know the rest.

    I felt in love with you that day, and I thought it was going to be a sappy love kind of thing, but know I realize that is love in its pure way, without the romantic scene. The same love I feel for my mother, my brothers and my friends. And you and Dave. last thing, I lost your phone number ;) my e-mail is

    happy almost christmas